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Archaeological Museum of Delphi Overview The treasure of artifacts brought to light by the excavations in the sanctuary of Delphi found shelter in the museum that was built on site in 1903 with funds by Andreas Syggros.Apr 20, 2013 Answer 1 of 5: Does anyone know the hours of operation for Delphi Museum and the sites in the area? I am planning a day trip on Monday May 14th 2013. delphi museum website

About Delphi Archaeological Museum. Delphi Archaeological Museum is an historical museum dedicated to exploring the history and exhibiting artifacts from the nearby archeological site of ancient Delphi. Delphi was a major city of Ancient Greece and its

Delphi Archaeological Museum. West of the ancient site is the excellent museum, probably the best in the country outside Athens. It isn't huge but the finds that Mar 31, 2019 The museum of Delphi is located nearby the ancient ruins of the temple of the Apollon and 1, 5km from city of Delphi. A contemporary museum with very important monuments that will captivate you and allow you to visualize how the ancient temple was actually backdelphi museum website Parents of multichild families and their children up to the age of 23, up to the age of 25 if they are doing their military service or studying and regardless of age if they have disabilities, upon presentation of a certified multichild pass from the Supreme Confederation of multichild parents of Greece (ASPE).

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Unlike in western Europe, where museums often show objects in poorly lit rooms in which it all looks very mysterious but you cant see a thing, the rooms in the Delphi Museum are bright and it is easy to study the objects. Greece has the best museums in the world, and in Greece, Delphi delphi museum website The Archaeological Museum of Delphi, one of the most important in Greece, exhibits the history of the Delphic sanctuary, site of the most famous ancient Greek oracle. Its rich collections are comprised primarily of architectural sculpture, statues and minor objects donated to the sanctuary. Delphi Archaeological museum (Modern Greek: ) is one of the principal museums of Greece and one of the most visited. It is operated by the Greek Ministry of Culture (Ephorate of Antiquities of Phocis). Photo Gallery. The beautifully rendered mural and a well crafted maquette in the Delphi museum, show what the oracle looked and felt like in ancient times. The Archaeological Museum of Delphi shelters the extensive artifacts unearthed during excavations at the Delphi oracle and its vicinity. It is located adjacent to the archaeological site, and it is one of the top mustsee museums in Greece, mainly because of the breadth and quality of artifacts it includes.

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