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Museum Of Father Crespi ( Tayos Cave ) And Burrows Cave YouTubeIn July 1962, a fire broke out and the museum was destroyed. Father Crespi was able to salvage as much as possible and stored them in two long, narrow rooms. Items from Father Crespis collection included tablets, plates, doors, decorations, statues, pottery, father crespi museum

Father Crespis Mysterious Library Of Golden Treasures. Father Carlo Crespi (born in 1891, in Legnano, Italy) lived in the small town of Cuenca, Ecuador, for many years. He was a priest of the Church of Maria Auxiliadora and a competent archaeologist. He collected all the gifts given to him from the local Indians who gathered them in secret hidden places.

The story of Father Carlos Crespi, an eccentric Italian Catholic priest living in the Ecuadorian town of Cuenca, and his enigmatic museum came to the attention of most of the world when the Swiss ancient astronaut author Erich von Dniken revealed Crespis vast collection of metal plates and related artifacts. Father Crespi and the missing golden artifacts. Father Crespi was trusted by the Vatican to open a museum in the Salesian School at Cuenca, and up until 1960 it was the largest museum in Ecuador. However, Crespi suggested that there was an (obvious) connection between the artifacts and the ancient civilisations of Babylon and Sumeria.father crespi museum The Crespi Ancient Artifact Collection of Cuenca Ecuador. Compiled By Glen W. Chapman November 1998. Father Carlo Crespi, who comes from Milan, has lived in the small town of Cuenca, Ecuador, for more than 50 yeam. He is a priest of the Church of Maria

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Nov 18, 2012 The Museum Of The Father Crespi ( Cave Tayos ) Ecuador. Images of the museum of the Father Crespi, Appliances, Metallic Plates, Pyramids of stone of previous times. father crespi museum Jul 10, 2018  Father Crespi Museum (Cuenca Ecuador) 1975El Museo del Padre CrespiLa Coleccin Crespi The Quest for Father Crespi's Lost Treasure in Ecuador NEW DOCUMENTARY How can the answer be improved? Crespis collection is not missing but was purchased by the Central Bank of Ecuador and is currently stored in its museum vaults. The majority of Crespis collection consists of authentic and valuable artifacts gathered from around Ecuador. From 1960 Crespi obtained from the Vatican the permission to open a museum in the city of Cuenca, where was located his Salesian mission. In 1962 there was a fire, and some pieces were lost forever. Crespi was convinced that the gold plates which he found and studied, were indicating with no doubt that the ancient world,

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