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ECeros is a passionate group of excellent engineers and designers bringing highly innovative consumer electronics to the gadget community. ECeros aims to become the alternative to established brands by creating high quality, low cost electronics by investing into our products, not our marketing.ECeros entered the tablet market last year and the company has released a series of tablets, including a 9. 7 inch iPad lookalike and 3G budget 7 inch tablet with dualsim card slots. That was ceros tablet philippines

Meet Ceros. Ceros is an experiential content creation platform that empowers marketers and designers to create engaging, interactive, and immersive content experiences without

Apr 14, 2015 ECeros is updating its Revolution range of Android tablets and offering some truly competitive devices that offer so much for your money that they will make the big brands pay attention. The Revolution 2 3G from ECeros has 3G connectivity, great processing capabilities and loads of storage at prices you will find hard to beat. Home Polls Mobile 10 Best Tablets Philippines. 10 Best Tablets Philippines 2019. Posted by: Share Tweet. A tablet computer, commonly referred to as 'tablet' or 'tab' is a mobile device that looks like any other smartphone with the major difference being its size. Apple iPad Proceros tablet philippines Experience the many amazing features of this ECeros tablet. The ECeros Ceros Revolution features a 1. 3 GHz multicore processor, made for enhanced graphics and advanced gaming. It has an 8GB storage capacity and features a 7inch screen, which enables reading ebooks.

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9. 7 Inch Quad Core Android 4. 2 Retina Screen Tablet ECeros Revolution, which includes 2GB RAM, 1. 6GHz CPU and 2048X1536 resolution is bringing the revolution to the Android tablet market. ceros tablet philippines Best Android Tablets in the Philippines 2018. We've gathered the list of the best Android tablets in the Philippines this year, despite the declining market sales and to what most tech aficionados are saying nowadays. This is a testament that the industry is now looking at a recovering, and possibly thriving segment that is bound to offer more Ceros Revolution review Quad core, 2048 x 1536, 9. 7 inch tablet found myself preferring 9. 7 inch or even 7 inch tablets over larger devices. The Ceros Revolution is clearly aimed at those

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