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As well as offering this shelter, say to lambing ewes during the winter, sheep polytunnels are also truly useful during the lambing season itself. Incidentally, the structure can be put to good use during the rest of the year for hay and other storage. It also provides a dry location when shearing. Some facts about your sheep housing polytunnel Northern Polytunnels Commercial posted a job. 1 hr NP Structures are industry leaders in the design, manufacture and construction of polytunnels and tubular steel structures; working across a wide range of industries with a heavy focus on horticultural and agricultural markets.northern polytunnels sheep Northern Polytunnels Livestock Housing. 727 likes. Designers and manufacturers of outstanding agricultural polytunnels and livestock housing since 1969. Jump to. Lilburn Estates Blackface Sheep. Agricultural Cooperative. BEST of BREED Livestock. Agricultural Service. Ormerley Livestock. Farm. Bentham Auction Mart. Auction House. Bailey

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Sheep housing has been used by farmers for many years because a strong, dry, protective shelter not only improves the animals welfare and reduces stress in the flock, but also helps to increase profitability. Premier Polytunnels launched their Premier Sheep House in 2010. northern polytunnels sheep Northern Polytunnels has adapted the basic polytunnel structure and replaced the clear sheet with a cooler option 720g white polythene, large access doors and side vents. Side ventilation is used to reduce heat when lambing sheep are brought in over the winter period. Sheep housing polytunnels National Polytunnels are at the forefront of the ever changing UK farming industry with our low cost lambing polytunnels. We offer inventive housing solutions to drive the productivity of your farming enterprise whilst offering the most cost effective prices available. We offer an excellent solution to sheep housing, from large sheep polytunnels to more modest sheep sheds. From lambing to fattening we can supply the necessary structures to create cost effective and labour saving sheep housing. . Polytunnels for sheep have been used by sheep farmers over many years to improve animal welfare and help increase profitability.

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