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THE CORPORATION CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES [Batas Pambansa Blg. 68 TITLE VIII. The stock and transfer book shall be kept in the principal office of the corporation or in the office of its stock transfer agent and shall be open for inspection by any director or stockholder of the corporation at reasonable hours on business days.Appointing Officers in a Corporation. Commonly, and by law in many states, a corporation will have at least three officers: (1) a president, (2) a treasurer or chief financial officer, and (3) a secretary. Officers do not have to be shareholders or directors, but they can be. There is no limit on the number of officers officers of a corporation philippines

A Philippine corporation is organized by electing members to its Board of Directors, by electing the corporate officers thereof andor by setting up an Executive Committee. cralaw Board

Jul 01, 2010  Officers are responsible for the management and daytoday operations of a corporation, and are appointed by the board of directors. Each states corporation statute will specify the officer positions that must be filled by each corporation. Required Officers for a Corporation. In most states, a corporation must have a president, secretary and treasurer. In most cases, one person can hold all three offices.officers of a corporation philippines One of the first tasks in starting a corporation is to set up a corporate board of directors. The top three corporate officers are the presidentchairman of the board, corporate treasurer, and corporate secretary, and we will focus on these individuals. These individuals will guide

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National Reinsurance Corporation of the Philippines Revised Manual on Corporate Governance 4 with the Code, taking into consideration the nature, size and scope of business of the corporation. In the performance of its duties and responsibilities, as defined in the Companys ByLaws, the Board shall: a. 1. officers of a corporation philippines The Corporation Code of the Philippines 3. Section 32. Dealings of directors, trustees or officers with the corporation. A contract of the corporation with one or more of its directors or trustees or officers is voidable, at the option of such corporation, unless all the following conditions are present: 1. Corporate officers, quorum. Immediately after their election, the directors of a corporation must formally organize by the election of a president, who shall be a director, a treasurer who may or may not be a director, a secretary who shall be a resident and citizen of the Philippines, and such other officers as may be provided for in the bylaws. legal age and a majority of whom are residents of the Philippines, may form a private corporation for any lawful purpose or purposes. Each of the incorporators of s stock corporation must own or be a subscriber to at least one (1) share of the capital stock of the corporation. (6a) Section 11. Corporate

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