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Los Angeles has many free museums and many other museums have at least one day a month, or sometimes one day a week, where they offer free admission to make sure the museum experience is available to everyone.The intent of this cheatsheet is to denote specific free days in any given month where Los Angeles museums that normally charge an admission waive their entry fees (not including parking). This list museums in la free days

Free Admission Days at 20 Museums in Los Angeles and Orange County. Submitted by Audrey M on Sun, We recommend confirming free daysevenings with the museums, especially if the date is near a national or religious holiday. The West Hollywood location, 8687 Melrose Ave, is always free. Museum of Latin American Art 628

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Enter the NHM for free on all day on the first Tuesday of every month (except July and August). To ensure you get in, they suggest booking your free Museums Annual FreeForAll Day Saturday 2& Sunday 3, February 2019. Dozens of museumspresenting art, cultural heritage, natural history, and sciencewill open their doors and invite visitors to attend their museums free of charge. Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. The Museum of Contemporary Art. USC Pacific Asia Museum. Metromuseums in la free days When it comes to Los Angeles museums, the words free admission have a certain ring. Imagine standing before a priceless van Gogh without having paid a dime, or strolling through the galleries and gardens filled with Roman statuary at the renowned Getty Villa.

Museums in la free days free

However, there are much more days a year when museums in Los Angeles are free of charge. In fact, some of them offer free entrance all year round, whereas most have one free day each month (usually, it's one and the same day, for example, every first Tuesday). museums in la free days This guide is made possible with the support of American Airlines. Many of L. A. 's top museums and cultural attractions offer free admission on select days of the week. From ancient artifacts to modern art, read on for our guide to free museum days in Los Angeles. Some of L. A. 's most famous and and Free Days Weekdays after 3 PM for LA County residents. 2nd Tue of the month, 11 AM5 PM Select holiday Mon for everyone. Visit Museum. Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. 100 The Grove Dr. Los Angeles, CA Phone: (323). For a full list of SoCal Museums,

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