Is baiting deer illegal in north carolina

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Aug 28, 2007 Answers. Best Answer: Hunting over bait is bad even if its legal. I hate people who sit in boxes and hunt over bait. I know for a fact that it's illegal in North Carolina, with the exception of private propertyI find it very strange that the people who are doing this in the first place claim they are helping the Deer population surviveA large percentage of wildlife violations involve baiting. What is Baiting in North Carolina? The definition of baiting differs depending on the type of game being hunted. For instance, the corn pile that is used to harvest deer would clearly be illegal for harvesting a bear. is baiting deer illegal in north carolina

New York. It is illegal to hunt with the aid of bait or over any baited area when hunting big game, upland game birds, turkey or waterfowl. (pg 16) In addition to the general hunting regulations for manner of take listed on page 16, it is unlawfulto hunt big game with: The aid of a preestablished bait pile.

North Carolina North Carolina Hunting& Fishing. North Dakota North Dakota Deer Hunting North Dakota Fishing. Ohio Ohio Hunting Ohio Fishing. Oklahoma Oklahoma Hunting Oklahoma Fishing. Take wild turkeys from an area in which bait has been placed. (An area is considered baited until 10 days after the bait has been consumed or otherwise Nov 21, 2017 See, that's the thingI haven't hunted ducks as much as some people here have, and I've hunted very little in North Carolina, but I'm not a rookie either. set up to seriously work illegal baiting downeast. I got a swamp close to where I deer hunt an they have got to have loads of corn in it there wore them out this morning I got a 25is baiting deer illegal in north carolina Nov 19, 2008 Baiting for deer is legal(except game lands) Illegal for bear, boar, or turkeys Tell your neighbor to read a regulations digest.

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Not legal to feed deer or bait deer. . North Carolina. Legal to feed deer. Commercially available mineral supplements specifically and exclusively marketed for attracting and feeding deer is allowed anywhere in the state except game lands. . North Dakota. Private land baiting is legal. It is not legal on any public land. is baiting deer illegal in north carolina Baiting for Deer Now Legal in All of SC. However, gray areas in the law regarding deer baiting in Game Zones 1& 2 had left the Department of Natural Resources essentially unable to enforce the law as it pertained to these zones. As a result, DNR, who does oppose the practice of deer baiting, did lend its support to this bills passage. Act 2 of the 2013 South Carolina General Assembly removed the prohibition on baiting for deer on private lands in Game Zones 1 and 2. Therefore, baiting for deer is no longer prohibited on private land anywhere in South Carolina. Baiting or hunting over bait remains prohibited on WMA's statewide. History of baiting in South Carolina. Many laws governing deer related activities in the Coastal Plain originated prior to the existence of wildlife management as a science and prior to the establishment of a wildlife agency in South Carolina. Even today, most restrictions on deer hunting in the Coastal Plain are legislative rather than being regulatory functions of SCDNR. Baiting. No wild bird may be taken with the use of aid of salt, grain, fruit, or other bait. A colorcoded map showing county shining laws is on Deer Zone Maps. There are many local laws affecting hunting and trapping in North Carolina. An abstract of local laws that are more restrictive than general regulations is included in this

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